Welcome to Tina's Little Kitchen

Who is this woman anyway, some of you might ask. Well, my name is Christiane, although friends and family call me Tina. I am currently way over 40 years old, married for a lot of years to the man I think to be the most wonderful husband in the world (and no, he didn't make me say that ;-))) and have a part-time job finding ways to destroy or at least incapacitate other people's work. No - not what you think ! I'm a software tester - an errorist, not a terrorist !Some of the time I do controlling as well ;-)

When I'm not working, I immensely enjoy cooking, baking and all kinds of crafts (the problem with the first two is: it shows - the problem with the third one is: it doesn't show...). Due to the job mentioned above my time for hobbies is somewhat limited and my working hours colliding with my wish to keep my hubby fed on home-cooked food led me to Once-A-Month-cooking which allows me to cook when I want and have time and leaves me free when one of the two doesn't apply.

Oh yeah, and I love to read. This is an immensely useful hobby when your way to work is as long as mine. So I stay true to the motto: "Books - never leave home without at least one..." Due to the drawbacks of traveling by train (those of you who have ever been train commuters will know what I'm talking about), my choice of traveling literature runs highly to whodunits and fantasy stories but in my leasure time I've been known to read most anything put in print with a preference for history and/or fantasy.

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